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April 24, 2010


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So, now that "Dark Ages" is over, are you still standing by your initial assessment? Or do you feel that it all meshes together once all the pieces are in place?

Count me among those who appreciate "Dark Ages" better once it's viewed in retrospect. 16 issues was a bit long, but as it turns out, much of the cynicism and disconnect that you identified were intentional...


Thanks for the comment, Robert.

The final issue didn't really change my mind about the story as a whole. I had already lost any connection to Charles and Royal, so I wasn't particularly interested in the resolution of their story.

I did like the Samaritan part at the end. I guess we already knew that he had saved the Challenger. However, I like how in the metatextual sense, the Samaritan takes the place of the Man of Steel Superman.

I also appreciated that Busiek included his original proposal in the back. It confirmed some of what I suspected (ie. that much of the story was a thematic response to the Punisher). And yes, I knew that the cynicism was intentional. That doesn't make it any more enjoyable.

Also, it was interesting to see that the obsession angle of the story was present in the original proposal. I can see how it might have worked if the story had stayed a four-issue mini instead of a four-arc story. One issue of obsession certainly would have been less tedious.

But, overall, I wish that this had been the twelfth issue and not the sixteenth. When Charles and Royal failed to capture Aubrey at the end of the third arc, we knew that they would eventually get back to the same place again. We didn't really learn anything new along the way. Charles and Royal had already become obsessed to the point where they became the very thing they had disliked about the Silver Agent.

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