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March 06, 2010


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R.A. Bartlett

I think Giant Size X-Men largely has to stand as the beginning of the Bronze Age. Green lantern/Green Arrow was interesting, but you can't kick off a now age if your title can't even last. If Action Comics ushered in the superhero, and Showcase the new kind of hero, X-Men defined the model of superheroes for decades hence.

If you look at most of the new team books created, they more or less follow the X-Men template. Outsiders, (often mutants, if legally allowed) of some kind of exotic background, and intended to fill some kind of niche. Hell, even the toy-based books would follow this formula.

Hell, if you look at just about every enduring character in marvel's inventory, from the late 1970's to somewhere in the nineties, they're a mutant, or has a very close relationship to them. (Major exceptions are Venom and Elektra)

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