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August 27, 2004


jordan 1

I think the real test for me is whether or not i will be sick from Nov to Mar. Its well worth it though to have the neck pain and ear issue GONE!! Good luck everyone.

air jordan 11

I am eating normally. the only think i am avoiding is hot hot things. I think it was the worst during the first week....you know you have to swallow and you know your throat is gonna hurt and there is nothing you can do about it, but there will be an end to it!!

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Some peoples tonsils are removed, because they couldn't eat. Don't take sweets, or cold water. Also gargle with hot water with salt, it's very effective. Hope you'll feel better soon.

dentist rocklin

hi.. im mitch.. my Dr. told me that gargling on salty water is effective.. more if its a little bit warm.. and it really seems to help dislodge them..

tonsils symptoms

Tonsillitis can also be caused by fungi or parasites, but these causes are rare in people who have healthy immune systems.

Although there is no proof that exposure to cigarette smoke can cause tonsillitis, children who live with a smoker have a higher incidence of tonsillectomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils.1


I had my tonsils removed yesterday. I had HUGE cryptic tonsil and they were growing, and as they grew bigger and bigger things were getting lodged in there, I couldn't eat anything too crunchy or fibrous (carrots and celery, etc...) The tonsil stones needed removal on a daily basis driving my mad! Chronic sore throats and bad breath. I would say that I have had sore throats that hurt this bad before, except for the sutures they feel like whiskers in the back of my throat. They are the worst part, that and the taste of cauterized throat.

Overall I think that it was worth it to never get another stones, less sore throats, and by by to bad breath.


hopefully you will be better. So far as I know from a natural healh book titled Avoid Addiction to Medicine that tonsilitis caused by infection affecting swelling.In early examination, swelling happens to tonsil gland. The right part is relatively larger although both of sides indicate enlargement. Its surrounded neck
muscles also indicate existence of difference from normal condition.
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I have been having problems with my tonsils for years now. I started out getting Strep Throat over and over and over again. Until i started going to the doctor and they'd give me a test for strep and it was neg. So they would send me home saying that it's only a virus and that it will pass. So cigarette smoke irritates my throat, alcohol, and spicy foods. Not only have i been to the doctor for my throat they keep telling me that it is only sinus issues. I would like to know how long it will take before someone can tell me what's wrong. I would like to know are there any alternatives other than surgery. The Doc has already told me their chronic but i'm so afraid of pain.


I was poking around and nothing came out of one of my "crypts" i gargled and poked and did everything I usually do to remove my other sides stones. When I was pressing ont the difficult side, I felt a hard little spot and it was really tender to the touch. Is that a stone under there or a piece of irritated skin? I woke up in the morning and on the side I had been messing with there was a gross white film over that tonsil. It smells so bad still, I made an appointment to see the ENT. I cannot live like this anymore. I've been living with this since I was 10 and just realized what the heck it actually was. What kind of mouthwash really kills the germs that are manifesting? i'm all out of things to try my ear hurts from so much rooting around yesterday. UGH.


l notice left side of my throat to go up more than right side when you swallow saliva. what are the possible causes?


Over the last two years I have started to develope this metallic taste in my mouth and have a feeling its affecting my breath as well. I have also encountered tonsoliths on many occaisons over the last 10 years. I am considering getting my tonsils out to eleviate this problem. Does anyone know if this surgery will elminate the bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth?


Over the last two years I have started to develope this metallic taste in my mouth and have a feeling its affecting my breath as well. I have also encountered tonsoliths on many occaisons over the last 10 years. I am considering getting my tonsils out to eleviate this problem. Does anyone know if this surgery will elminate the bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth?


New people: There is a Y! Group called TonsilTown where you can post about your tonsil stones, tonsillectomy, tips, fears, and learn from other posters. I have compiled a Do/Don't list for people undergoing tonsillectomy, to help speed healing. You can create polls and view photos of my throat after my own surgery in 2006.

Please join the group and share your experiences. Click on my name to take a sneak peak and join.


I just got back from the doctors and it was what i was expecting. He said I need to have my tonsils out. I'm scheduled for the end of the month.


Hi everyone! I had my tonsils out in July because of tonsil stones... And now that they're out, i keep getting like blister where they used to be. I went back to the doc and he said scar tissue was choking my salivary glands. He burned it and said that should help, But they just keep coming back! Is anyone else having this problem?


I have been having sharp pain in my throat for the last month. I seem to get an attack every two hours night and day. My doctor put me on meds for a week however it didn't help. He looked at my throat and told me I had food particles stuck around my tonsils and that I should gargle. That has only helped a little. I'm still getting the sharpe pain. I came across your sight and think I may have cryptic tonsilitis. I just haven't had the bad breath. I'm going to a specialist next week. From what I've been reading on your blogs the only thing he is going to reccomend is surgery. Your comments have been very enlighting to me. Thank you

adriana j

I too have tonsoliths, as I learned that is the actual medical term, I have had it for years and it's my major cause of bad breath. They come and go. I would recommend using a crochet needle(for knitting)because it is long, and can reach the back of the throat easy and has a hook at the end that facilitates plucking the crakles out, without injuring your self.
By the way, Does anyone know how much the tonsilectomy costs if you dont have insurance?


well its 6 days since the opp and i have been in more pain this week than ever in my life, its really getting me down, when will it ever stop? last night it started burning like crazy i think it might be the scabs starting to come off i couldnt even drink water, i guess i have a week to go before it gets better. if anyone has any more advice i would be greatfull


Well. my big day is coming on Thursday. Hopefully everything goes well and the pain is minimal (ha ha). Looking forward to a couple of weeks away from work.


Im 45 yrs old and had my tonsils out today, so far ive had trouble talking, water going up instead of down and pain swallowing, everything is getting better except the pain, that is getting worse, i have to force myself to drink.
Lynn i have heard of the type where they shave the tonsills off but heard that the crypts could come back, the pain is worse where they remove it off the muscle, its my guess thats why some people have trouble swallowing and snorting etc. I hope i dont get much worse but the pain meds ease it.


I also have cryptic tonsillitus and my ENT is recommending coblation tonsillotomy instead of a tonsillectomy. Has anyone heard of this surgery? As I understand it, they shave the crypts off the tonsil instead of removing it completely. Apparently a surgeon in Boston invented it and has used it on some famous singers so as not to hurt their singing careers. My ENT says it is much less painful than a tonsillectomy.


pipi, don't worry

i am 18, and have also been getting it for years. I don't know if it's causing my other health problems, but it's not helping.

i don't care about the pain, i can handle that, i just want these tonsils out. I have missed a TON of school because i've been sick, and i want to continue life living even better than before.


Doug: how are you?


hi, im 24 and ive been suffering from tonsilitis for years. only up until april when i got a sever infection of tonsilitis did i go to my doctor and was given anti-biotics. once a month since april i have got tonsillitis really severely and have been on co-amoxicillin every month till i wait to get them out. i am so fed up of this and im so glad i found this website. has anyone been getting tonsillitis this often? because im scared that there is something else wrong with me. i am waiting for my operation on the NHS and i probably will be waiting for up to 6 months, i cant afford to go private and im dreading each month as it comes. im 24 and feel 84, is this level frequency normal?


Good luck Kelly!


I found this blog about a year ago. I am scheduled for my tonsillectomy on Sept. 6th. I'm tired of the strep, tonsil stones, etc. I'm 35 so I know I'm in for some painful days. Thanks for all of the information and advice.

i noticed a little white thing on one of my tonsils last night and looked it up this morning, and found out what it was...i had read on another website that patients used things like little picks or swabs to get them out and so just now i went into my bathroom and got it out with the back of my tweezers...i know that wont fix it for good and all but at least i got it out...


You are absolutely right Doug! The recovery process for this is very different. I went into the recovery knowing that the 1st seven days were going to be roughbut usually by the third day of a procedure/surgery I've felt a marked improvement. Not so with this. Each day was worse than the day before and mentally I was in shambles by the 6th day. I'm glad I ran across this site in preparation for the surgery because there's no telling what kind of shape I would have been otherwise. :) It's now been 3 months and I would do it again.


Thanks debersue. I have hope! I'm on day 7 today and so perhaps tommorow I'll feel a little bit better if not later today. This is an amazing recover process. You feel bad for so long before you gradually feel better. I had hernia surgery years ago (3 inch incision) but with that surgury, every day was a little better than the previous day - That was a pice a cake compared to this tonscilectomy. However, making sure I put this in context, I would easily do it again to get the benefits I expect to have.


By Day 8 I wasn't feeling any worse than the day before but my throat was still pretty sore for quite awhile. I returned to work by Day 10 but wasn't too chatty. Good luck Doug! The worst really is over!


Pearl--I don'r like yogurt so I'll pass for now.

Ok! I'm about to go into Day 7. I don't see much activity on this blog but if anyone is listening and has experienced a tonsillectomy, at what day can I expect to start getting better? So far each day has been the same -- painful when i eat and talk. I just started eating a regular type food yesterday - a hamburger. Of course I know I need to stay away from hard foods for quite a while.


Doug: same for me with the ice cream. I did develop a like for yogurt at that time and found it to be more soothing.


Thanks Pearl - I'm just getting into day 4 and so far no major issues but I have a ways to go of course. Had a little nausea the first evening but thankfully that went away after some pepto bismo! I'm taking a percocet every 3.5 hrs and it sure makes things bearable. If I get off track on the painkiller, I pay a price. Also, I've noticed ice cream is not as soothing as I thought it would be - too bad, I bought a lot of the stuff.


Johanna: I am so to glad you had the surgery! You will be so pleased later in life that you had it done. I know your are a busy young lady.

Doug: don't forget the humidifier. (It will probaly make you feel better if you count is as day 3!!)


I know this is a funny question but is the day after your surgury day 1 or is it day 2? Not that I'm anxious to get through with recovery! Anybody able to answer this very difficult question? Thanks!!!! I'm either in Day 2 or Day 3 since my surgery was Wednesday.

Debbie Meadows

I am 38 and had my tonsils removed, septoplasty and rhinoplasty done on July 9th.I did find this site before and followed all of the recommendations and did just fine.I did get a post operative infection in my nose which slowed down healing but the whole thing really wasn't too bad. I was able to eat and drink the whole time. The 3rd and 4th days were bad and then again on the 10th with the referred ear pain but besides that I had no problem. Make sure to get good pain meds and don't plan on doing anything but recovering. My husband totally took care of the house and kids so that I could rest. Get prepared, educated and keep a positive attitude!

johanna shaffer

So, if anyone's followed...
I'm not an "oyster making pearls" anymore. I (17 y.o. female) got my tonsils out yesterday. Right after, I was okay -- smiling, talking, walking..but then as the day wore on I got worse feeling. They gave me percocet but they just make me sleepy.. And then I can't sleep during the night too well. Though, I think some of the problem is we have a hot humidifier that doesn't work too well, and a cold humidifier. I don't like cold humidifiers--I feel like it won't hold the humiditiy! So my mom is going to take it back for a hot one, it's not like I'm a little kid who is going to try and eat the humidity!! So during the night I will cough every 4 hours or so (I only know this because I woke up every 2 hours last night) and would have to drink and drink and drink.. UGH. But its been a little time since I last woke up, so I'm going to go back to sleep, I'm starting to have trouble typing!


Wow, the last 1 1/2 yrs I've had all the symptoms you all have described. It gives a name to it. I've had all test's done from A to Z and everything is fine, but I've been treated for Acid reflux(never had a prob before) changed a diet that is very healthy already (and meds-which were expensive) but I had the sensation of a lump in the throat, guncky balls out of the throat, have had mild case's of strep throat for years, feeling of mass sensation on the left side(throat area) tonsils bleeding, ear aches, now perm white pus ball on throat,(that I cant remove)ect...ect... Finally got an appt of Aug 16 to remove tonsils. I hope that this will cure all, But since the last 1 1/2 yrs, all I've thought of is Cancer. I was a sometimes smoker, but quit cold turkey (amazing what a person can do when scared) when all this started full time. It is nice to hear of other similar probs. Plaese whish me luck. I am a mom of 2 and 37, and my husband works out of town. Hopefully the post-op is ok.


Day 11. Everything up until today has been a struggle. Let me tell ya... I lost 22 pounds and my appetitie. On day 9... I got the weirdest craving for milk and drank almost a gallon! But today... all the sudden I could eat. It was amazing. Not only that... but when I talked I sounded much like what you'd think a deaf person sounds like. I just came right out of it. I still have to swallow about 3 times as much as I used to would have to get a bite of food down... but i went and had mexican and it was delicious. I hope all is well for you Doug. Learning new ways to swallow and talk can be a challenge. I hope it is all worth it in the end. I was beginning to get worried. I had to register for my senior year this morning unable to talk or eat... but I have definately been blessed with a total turn around. Keep your head up.


Well, I've been reading this blog for about 6 months as I too contemplated a tonsillectomy for chronic cryptic tonsillitis. I've had neck pains and sore throat for almost 2 years. I’ve been under acid reflux treatment but it doesn’t have any impact. I didn’t want surgery but I’m tired of the little yellow globs coming back again and again. My 3rd ENT convinced me it’s worth the try. I finally had my tonsillectomy yesterday. I read about the different stages of recovery and am as prepared as I guess I can be. I’m hoping my food doesn’t come back up! Hope you get things on track shortly Brooke. I can’t wait for day 6 – that way I’m closer to day 14! I’m 52 and this is a little more of an event I guess the older you are. I really appreciate all the knowledge I’ve gained from this site on the do’s and don’ts. I’m using all the lessons learned and already feel I’ve made the journey a little easier. Had a little trouble with nausea yesterday evening but I just dropped the dose of the painkiller and ate a little more food (mash potatoes and jello) and all is well now. I hear day 3 may be little worse and that 4-6 are the scab phase – can’t wait!


I too have been plagued with this condition for years, however, I have found a non surgical alternative that I thought you might be interested in. I use a water pik daily when I brush my teeth in the morning and the evening to clean out my tonsils. I started doing this about six months ago. I used to get sore throats, sinus infections, and other ent issues which the doctor has always said was the result of allergies, and I alway suspected had something to do withthose nasty thing in the back of my throat. However, ever since I started shooting those things out with the water pik I have not had a single sinus infection or sore throst. Not sure if it would work for everyone, but it has really made a difference for me, and its alot less painful than surgery.


Well, thanks for the help. I couldn't find anyone else with this whole everything going up instead of down problem. It's good to know that I'm not a rare occurance haha. I wish someone could show me how to swallow. I'm trying... I just can't quite get the hang of it. I have noticed that I smell things so differently. It's amazing. I guess I have been missing out on smells for 17 years. Snorting... oh my. I think I might can deal with that as long as I never have tonsilitis or strep again in my life! I hope everything starts turning around too. The taste is just yuck. I hope it is all worth it. Thanks for the reply though... I really needed some support.


Brooke - There are two things that no one ever warned me about before having the tonsillectomy. The first is that I would have to swallow differently after the tonsillectomy. Everytime I ate or drank anything I had the feeling it was trying to go up my nose. It's a very weird feeling and my throat muscles were sore for weeks as I adjusted to swallowing food and liquids! The raw sore throat feeling stayed for a couple of weeks and I too had a spit cup for the first week because it was so hard to swallow. I got the flu 6 days after surgery and finally had to go to the doctor for nausea medication because I knew it was important to keep my strength up. It is very, very important that you eat while your throat is trying to heal. I took the pain meds regularily only tried eating when they had their fullest effect and it still hurt. There is no easy way around the healing process but its so worth it in the end. On the lighter side of things and the 2nd thing no one ever warned me about is... that I would snort when I laugh. I never had this problem before and wonder why the people who shared their horror stories never mentioned this new feature!?!?!? Good luck!


Though I'm only 17... I know most of these horrible problems several of you have mentioned on this site. The lack of sleep, REPEATED tonsilitis, strep throat over and over and over, ear trouble, and the ever so lovely ease of catching the common cold. July 23rd I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. This is now day 6 and I'm miserable. I walk around with a "spit cup" EVERYWHERE I go. I have eatin about a half a cup of mashed potatoes and 2 spoonfulls of green beans since monday. I don't know if this makes since, but just about everything I eat or drink goes up instead of down once it reaches my throat. It then rests on this pallate up there until i can go gag myself to get it down. I know this sounds disgusting... I just don't know what to do. I'm starving and the ONLY thing I can get down is warm broth. I'm just curious how much longer until I can eat again. I'm weak and gettin pretty hopeless. This taste in my mouth is horrible. What do I do next?


Hi guys I've been suffering from lethargy, fevers and sore tonsils for 3 weeks now. The recurring sore throats on and off for years. My left tonsil is 1/3 larger than the right and I've been on penicillin for over 5days with no symptom relief. After reading your post I've decided to convince my General Practitioner to remove my tonsils. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Can't wait to start feeling better. I'm moving in a weeks and it's been very difficult working and packing my stuff when I feel like this.


I am so happy I found this post, I get the little stinky ball things and the pressure pains in the ear I also have heart burn, gas and upset stomach. I am 45 yrs old and have had this problem for a year now, it is getting worse. I was wondering if anyone has these other symptoms? I go to see the ENT next month and I want them out because I cant stand it any longer.


Thad: my ear stuffiness was constant, it just varied in degree. My ear didn't ever pop as you describe...but i was seemingly constantly putting my finger in my ear to try and "shake" the feeling out. Annoying at the least. But, as i mentioned, my ENT, thinks my ears were corrected from the cauterization of the adnoids, and not from the tonsillectomy..(i still think the cct was a factor). Good luck to you.


Trisha, glad to hear your better...I've been thinking about you all day...hoping you would feel better soon...I felt so bad for you...


Thank you! Thank You Maggie and Jen, You felt my pain and I felt your prescence. It was so good to know that I had not suffered alone.

Oh yes, I can see some light. I am starting to think I may have turned the page. I am not experiencing the miralcle version, but I am not complaining. DAY 12 and I am still here~


Just wanted everyone to know I myself experienced exactly what Maggie went through,she was right on in her description about feeling miserable for weeks, I am 44yrs old had mine out 3 years ago...I too thought I was going to die...and I also got worse before I got better...Just as Maggie described,but I did get better.I was off work for 11 weeks..Maggie was blunt, but honest about her experience, hang in there Trisha, I will pray for you also, and you will get better, Jen

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