What is making you happy this week?

One of my favorite podcasts is NPR's Pop-Culture Happy Hour.  It covers music, comics, books, tv and movies. They end every show with the hosts take turns calling out something that made them happy that week. That is the only criteria, it can be an awesome commercial, a great book, a funny story, a fun song. No judgement just joy. I always look forward to that segment and learning about the variety of things that bring people joy.  

If you see me on a regular basis, you probably have noticed that I have been looking rundown, and even a bit sad in the last month.  It was a rough month for me emotionally for a variety of reasons.   But in the last few days I have been feeling the fog lift a bit.  I still get teary just thinking about saying goodbye to our good friends the Ratigans, but overall I just feel a bit lighter.

So here is my list of things that are making me happy this week:

  • Sneaking out to a movie with best-friend Heather.  We rolled our eyes at the giggling teens/women sighing over Four in Divergent, and just enjoyed being with each other sharing buttery popcorn.
  • Chris crossing off teams on my March Madness Bracket.  For one brief moment yesterday afternoon my bracket looked fantastic.
  • Finishing up another review and being invited to write article on Makerspaces for Teacher Librarian. 
  • Dancing around my kitchen to the I-Tunes Top 100 Pop station.  I am not really music person, I hardly pay attention to lyrics.  I rarely take the initiative to play anything other than NPR's talk radio but I like listening to music when I write. And I writing all day today, I took advantage of my new blue-tooth Bose speakers and blasted Alt/Pop songs all days.  These were my favorite catchy danceable songs.

            My favorites today:
OneRepublic's Counting Stars   
Pitbull's Timber
Pharrell's Happy
Sara Bareilles's Brave


What is making you happy this week?



Browsing for Music and Web Discoveries

Chris bought me some CDs for Christmas and just last night was regretting it a bit, because I so rarely listen to CDs. I use my podcast almost exclusively for podcasts and whenever I am in the car, I am always tuned in to NPR talk radio. He need not be sad, because I have enjoyed the CD's he bought, I just take much longer to get to them. I just need to be in the right mood, and be out of fresh things to listen to. So this evening while Chris watches the Super Bowl I have been sitting a few feet away browsing the web, and I-tunes specifically for some songs I have been meaning to download. This afternoon I was sitting reading NYT magazine, and they had a write up on Jack Johnson, whose Songs and lullabies from the Curious George Movie Soundtrack I really enjoyed. My friend Alan, had suggested I try some of his other albums, but I never really got around to it. But inspired by the write up and 20 second clip of his new single I went ahead and placed hold on two of his previous cds.

While Jack Johnson was my motivation to sit at the computer and search, another was the song I had been humming to myself all day. A South African praise song, Hallelujah, We Sing your Praises that we sang at Church this morning. It isn't the first time that I have sung it, but I just love the conga and the rhythm and after singing praise songs with Arwen this evening as we did our bedtime routine I was reminded on how I really need to get some praise song cds for the girls to listen to, especially since I think we have listened to their CD of their VBS songs at least once a day since this summer and as much a I enjoy those songs, I really need new material. I placed a few new praise song collections on hold from the library, that included many of our favorites.

As I browsed I-tunes collection of Latin praises songs, I was reminded about my friend Coppelia, and wondered to myself the songs she had been planning to record last year were available. I guess I could have just emailed her, but I decided to google her instead. I found this youtube video from her recent concert in Puerto Rico. Mami had mentioned that she was going to try to go while she was in Puerto Rico, although I don't know if she made it.   Coppelia, were are your songs? I need some of your songs. Que Dios te bendiga!

Aay's first music recital.

Dsc00140 Aay got up in front of over 100 people and played her first recital. She played "C and E play tunes" her favorite song because she gets to use the C and E keys in Harmony and E "Edyth the Elegant Elk" is her favorite note. She went up to microphone introduced her song and then went to the piano and played it. She then curtsied after accepting the applause. Later as a group her Sunshine I class came up and did a few ensemble rhythm instrument pieces and then sat quietly with their parents while the rest of Ms. Wendy's classes and private students performed. June_022 At the end they each received a new pencil, certificate of Achivement, and Participatory ribbon. Those who like Aay submitted a song for MYC song composition contest also received a big sticker. She was so proud.

She really had a blast. Zee was also incredibly well behaved. She entrained herself listening to the kids play, smiling at the older woman behind us and by flipping thru Aay's music book and singing quiet little songs to herself.

I took video with my camera when she played. I stupidly took some of it with my camera sideways and I am not sure that I can correct that so I will  put up the files later on today and if you are more skilled than I you can adjust it.

Download MOV00142.MPG

New Piano and other Great NEWS!

Dsc01485 Thanks to Bonnie and Greg Spragg of Spragg Pastured Pork and fantastic members of our congregation, we got our Piano home today. They helped us carry it out of the basement at Lecia Martin's house today, into their trailer and then up a short set of stairs into our dining room. Only slightly worse for wear (a chipped corner, cracked) but in great shape it is here now and ready for me to get Piano tuner to come and tune it.

Whoo hoo.

The best part however is that this isn't even the best news for today!

The best news for today came in the mail. Remember my post from earlier today, when I said my this:

Now if Canada wants to get on the ball and renew my paperwork and approve me for residency it would make my week complete.

Well, guess what was in the mail today. Four envelopes from Canada Immigration Services. One to let me know that they had received my application and would notify shortly of their findings dated Sept, 7, another letting Chris know that they had found him eligible to sponsor me as Immigrant  Sept, 7, the third letting me know that they had found my application to be complete and in order and were moving me on toward Interview stage and moving my file to Lethbridge, who would notified shortly of the interview date,  dated Sept 8 and lastly a letter dated Sept.8, from Lethbridge letting me know to bring a list of documents, my sponsor and two photographs to Lethbridge on Sept. 20, 2005 for my Interview. I literally jumped for joy. My long wait will soon be over, I only have to arrange babysitting and ferrying of Aay to music lesson, on that Tuesday, because I have everything else I need.