Changes, Changes and More Changes
Rainy Day Fare: Chesseburger soup


Today I picked up my paystub. Adjusting to working full-time has actually been a lot of fun. My new library is a busy one, as I serve roughly 700 students and nearly 100 teachers and staff. I enjoy getting to know new people and I love being able to help them.

The girls are also adjusting to new schools. After 4 years together in the same building we are all in different schools. A at the high school and Z at the middle school. They have both made new friends and are greatly enjoying their new schools too.

The after-school has taken more negotiation. I'm home an hour and half later than I used to be. Running kids to evening activities and getting dinner on the table is more of a challenge. Chris has stepped-up and is now sharing more of those duties. My belly is full with some delicious Potato-leek soup Chris made for us tonight. It was nice to be able to sit back and decompress and chat with Chris while he cooked instead of rushing right into the kitchen to whip something up.

There still remains a lot of other adjustments to make, like when I will ever manage to sneak in runs, because however early I wake up (between 4:30 and 5:30 am) I can never motivate myself to go for a quick run, when I rather stay in bed and read. I am also trying to find a new writing rhythm.

I am so happy our new starts and opportunities, and I am confident everything will settle in nicely.


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