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Checking-In: Day 4 of Homeschooling

I want to thank everyone who reached out to checked-in with me via email, phone, text or message to make sure we are doing well. We are.  Despite it being incredibly cold outside, our house is warm. Chris is doing well in Michigan.  He has called and let us know that the class is off to a good start and he is enjoying the experience.

On the homeschooling front so far we have settle on Math always being the first thing we do. Getting that done and out of the way each morning is the best.  Social Studies and Science work best when we make it very interactive, alternating reading the text together, so we can discuss issues/questions as they come up.  ELA is the most satisfying. Our Read-out-loud time (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen), Independent Reading time (Eragon by Paolini) and writing and reflection prompts are working well. Sometime today we will get our new grammar/vocabulary workbooks and we will add them to our routine.  It is just so nice to be able to move through the material without confusion and tension. Zee loves that I can help her with her work without her having to explain to me what has been covered. She is not trying to justify why she didn't finish something or con me into believing she did it already.  This isn't to say that it has been without occasional grumpiness at her assignments, she still does not like some of the stuff that is harder for her to do.  

One of the hardest things she has to do is going to the therapist every week.  I love that we can take time for a trip to the therapist without sacrificing classroom time, or worrying about how emotionally exhausted she is afterwards.  She can save up her emotional energy for dealing with difficult stuff at therapy and I hope this will help her make good progress. Everything isn't magically better (yesterday evening was rough, with conflicts with her sister during Koinonia), as she has so much work to do on herself but this is huge benefit to us.

What is odd for me right now is trying to adjust to being at home full-time without getting too used to it. It is nice to look around and see my counter because I am caught up on dishes, or to tackle some of the clutter on the kitchen table, but I have to remember this is not my real schedule. One of the things we will need work on together is not just figuring out the homeschool thing, but how to best fit it in to our "usual" family schedule. I might have a lot of free-time right now, but I won't come February. Zee has been waking up early to make sure she can kiss her sister Aay goodbye in the morning so we are getting a earlier start to our school days than I anticipated.  This might be a good habit to keep, when I have to go back to teaching three days at week.  

I am making sure to take some time for myself. I' am keeping my Tuesday morning running dates and I'm taking time to read and write on my own. Since Chris isn't home I have no guilt whatsoever about going to bed when the kids do.

So we are doing well, but as always keep praying for us.


Great to read your update, Ana. And I'm so impressed that you're reading Pride and Prejudice together! I was an advanced reader at that age but I certainly wasn't reading P & P yet!


That was totally her call. I didn't read P & P till high school. She wanted to read it because one of the girls she admires at school, another 5th grader and lover the classics read it in the 3rd grade. That kid, refer to Great Expectations as her favorite book. She is enjoying it, and the cuddle time, she gets during ROL time.

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