An Emotional Return, back in Brooks after 7 years.
Canada Day in small-town Southern Alberta (Fort Macleod and Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump)

Medicine Hat: Reenacting Memories

One of the things the girls have heard of the most about their time in Southern Alberta was our Friday family trips to Medicine Hat. One hour to the east of Brooks on the HWY 1, Medicine Hat was the closest city to us. It boasted of a multi-plex (we had one screen theater in Brooks), a mall, an aquatic leisure center and most importantly a comic book store.


Our original plans for this trip did not include a trip to MH, but when we asked the girls what they wanted to do, they both excitedly told us they wanted to go to the pool in MH and relive our old trips.


But first we drove out to Dinosaur Provincial Park again, so we could explore it, minus the rain. The girls played on the playground they used to love, met a girl from Australia and we went on a hike into the badlands. There were wonderful erosion patterns, wild flowers, sage bushes and spiny cactus on the trail. The campground was packed,and it reminded us that we really enjoy camping. I regret not choosing to rent a RV and touring that way.

After our hike we set out for Medicine Hat. The girls finally understand how we were able to pack them in the car for hours and hours without them ever getting car sick...the endless straight/flat roads.


Our first stop in MH was the Saamis Teepee. It has the honor of being the largest teepee in the world, and showcases an art installation explaining the history of the plains Indians that settled in Alberta, the Cree and Blackfoot. The best part of the visit however was interacting with a prairie dog colony that has set up camp around the Teepee. A. played a great game of chicken with one, getting as close a foot and a half.


We went to lunch at one of our old favorites, Montana's before calling up Brett at Comic Readers to confirm the shop's new address. The shop has expanded in the new location, but remains as friendly and welcoming as it always was. Brett even recognized Chris when he walked in. We had a nice time chatting with him, catching up, and we all walked out of the store with something new.

My prize was Wonder Woman action figure for the amazing price of $2!

Our last stop in MH was the Aquatic Leisure center. It was as cool as we remembered it. The pool was in great shape, and we had a blast in the wave pool and slide. The most amazing thing to me was that after 7 years they still had the same pool toys, and they looked great.

We reluctantly pulled the girls from the pool after a couple of hours and packed up and headed down the Crowsnest highway to Lethbridge, our second base of operations.




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