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Canada Day in small-town Southern Alberta (Fort Macleod and Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump)

Eleven years ago!

Eleven years ago we took my mom to the Fort Macleod Musical Ride on Canada day, and it was such a wonderful day, we thought it would be a great way to celebrate Canada Day this year with the girls. How much more Canadian can you be than Mounties. Turns out that due to flooding the Fort had been closed for several months, had just been completely refurbished and July 1st was their grand-reopening, so they were offering free admission to all. Free admission though was balanced out by having to listen to several local and provincial dignitaries talk about what Canada and Alberta mean, and what makes them so special. Thankfully most of them were brief.

Fort Macleod Riders

The Fort looked great, and the Fort Players did a great job with their dramatization of First Nation and early settler folktales. The riders (not actual Mounties but young men and women from the Fort Macleod area, who perform traditional RCMP precision riding tricks) were just fantastic. The girls were hugely impressed with the youngest, who at only fourteen years of age, impressed with her poise and determination even when she was unseated on the very last trick.

Fort Players

We skipped the BBQ lunch at the Fort and instead headed to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. This site deserves every accolade and recognition it has received. The design of the site, built into then cliff face is respectful to the landscape and the exhibits are interesting and informative. You can't leave without being impressed with it. We enjoyed a lunch of Buffalo chili & stew with Bannock on site, before heading back to Lethbridge for a pool break.


The girls enjoyed the pool while I followed the US-BEL World Cup game on twitter. I survived the strong chlorine smells at the pool because they were enjoying it so much, but I was thrilled to finally go up to get ready for dinner.

We met one of our former parishioners, Janet and Marlene who live in Lethbridge. They hadn't been to be at church on Sunday, so I am glad we didn't miss them all together. We had a great time catching up and they gave us great recommendation on what trails and sites to see in Waterton Lakes National Park.

The jump

Chris got the car ready for our big drive (Waterton to Banff) and accidentally abandoned his credit card at the pump. Thankfully no one had used it by the time we called in a reported it late yesterday. It is a hassle to be without his chip & pin card, as most gas pumps or ATMs won't accept chip-less American cards. Thankfully most of our big expenses are behind us.





Happy Canada Day



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