Heading West by going East
An Emotional Return, back in Brooks after 7 years.


Prairie and sky
HWY 1 between Calgary and Brooks

About two years ago we started thinking that we really need to find a way to go back and visit Alberta. Our vacation is usually eaten up traveling to and traveling with family, and despite our good intentions the years were passing by quickly. So I made a promise to my friend Rose that we would try to go and visit within two years. That promise kept me motivated to at least purchase plane tickets even when I was overwhelmed with everything earlier this year.

So despite complications we finally landed in Calgary yesterday. The city of course has grown and changed since we were last here. What hasn't changed it just the remarkable and utterly disarming beauty of southern Alberta. As we drove Highway 1 towards Brooks, we kept pointing out some of our favorite vistas to each other and the girls. We laughed we spotted signs for the Brooks Medieval Faire that started when we still lived here. Yesterday we decompressed at Rose and Harry's house, catching up on all that stuff that has happened in our lives that never makes it onto Facebook.

This morning we are heading to church and visit with our friends, and drive by our old house, the hospital that Zanne was born at, or maybe drive out to Dinosaur Provincial Park. The girls have already expressed interest in recreating one of our traditional day trips, by going tomorrow to Medicine Hat, and swim in the a Leisure center there and visit the comic book store we used to shop at.




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