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What is making you happy this week?

One of my favorite podcasts is NPR's Pop-Culture Happy Hour.  It covers music, comics, books, tv and movies. They end every show with the hosts take turns calling out something that made them happy that week. That is the only criteria, it can be an awesome commercial, a great book, a funny story, a fun song. No judgement just joy. I always look forward to that segment and learning about the variety of things that bring people joy.  

If you see me on a regular basis, you probably have noticed that I have been looking rundown, and even a bit sad in the last month.  It was a rough month for me emotionally for a variety of reasons.   But in the last few days I have been feeling the fog lift a bit.  I still get teary just thinking about saying goodbye to our good friends the Ratigans, but overall I just feel a bit lighter.

So here is my list of things that are making me happy this week:

  • Sneaking out to a movie with best-friend Heather.  We rolled our eyes at the giggling teens/women sighing over Four in Divergent, and just enjoyed being with each other sharing buttery popcorn.
  • Chris crossing off teams on my March Madness Bracket.  For one brief moment yesterday afternoon my bracket looked fantastic.
  • Finishing up another review and being invited to write article on Makerspaces for Teacher Librarian. 
  • Dancing around my kitchen to the I-Tunes Top 100 Pop station.  I am not really music person, I hardly pay attention to lyrics.  I rarely take the initiative to play anything other than NPR's talk radio but I like listening to music when I write. And I writing all day today, I took advantage of my new blue-tooth Bose speakers and blasted Alt/Pop songs all days.  These were my favorite catchy danceable songs.

            My favorites today:
OneRepublic's Counting Stars   
Pitbull's Timber
Pharrell's Happy
Sara Bareilles's Brave


What is making you happy this week?




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