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Happy Mother's Day

Thank you!

    Over three years ago I had a conversation with my father that changed my direction. I was telling him that with A in school and Z soon ready to start pre-school that I was starting to think it was time to return to the workforce.  My plan at the time was to go to work, help pay down our debts and then at some future date down the road go back to school for a Master degree like I always intended to.  My father then asked me why I wasn't just heading straight back to Grad school, and the obvious answer was cost, we had enough grad school debt from Chris to pay off.  My father encouraged me to go back anyway...letting me know that he would help me out, so I could go back. It was so liberating to just get to go straight to Go. I got GRE study book, started researching programs. By the fall of 2007 I had zeroed into SU's School of Information Studies, Library and Information Science program. I visited Syracuse, looked at the program offers, learned of the school media program and even if I didn't decided on it then, it was on my radar. I lined up my references, transcripts, contacted former professors. I then spent New Year's Day 2008, working on my online application, ticking off my one resolution for the year. I was accepted six weeks later, and I attended my first class in 10 years that summer, and I have loved every fun, stressful, challenging moment since.

     Today I handed in my very last paper for my very last class at SU. In the next few weeks I will be applying for my public and school media certifications from the NY state. I have already started submitting applications for jobs in the area. I am excited as most of the openings seem just the kind of schools I would love to be in. I have put together a physical and electronic portfolio representing the work I have done in the program, http://anacaninofluit.wordpress.com/. If you want to know what I have been up to for the past two years, feel free to check it out.

     In just over a week I will be traveling to Syracuse for the Convocation, where I will hopefully get to see a lot of my friends who are finishing up the program too and get a chance to chat with my professors in person.  I know that over the next couple of weeks I will experience moments of phantom stress (thanks to @madmarvelgirl for that phrase).  I fill find myself sitting on my computer, thinking there must be something I need to hand in, some project I should be working on...to find myself surprised at the fact that doing the family laundry is not an act of procrastination.

    While I have loved every minute, I know it hasn't always been the easiest time for my family. Chris and the girls have been incredibly supportive, but I know they are ready for Mama to be done doing homework. My second full semester in the program, I took 613, one of the best and most challenging classes I took at SU,during that time, I found myself telling Chris every few weeks, " It will be okay, I think the worst is over..should be downhill from here" only find out I was lying and find myself putting even more hours into my project.  When I told the girls that I was done, they were so very excited because to them it meant that I will not be saying "I am sorry but I really need to work on this...",and yes, I know they probably expect my undivided attention now, although they won't be getting it, after all I still job applications to fill out, and two years worth of house projects to get too, but I will have more time and less excuses,  for the summer at least. 

I have loved every minute of my time in Grad School, I am so glad I had a chance go back and do it. I am excited about the future, because I know that I will love schools and libraries very very much.

So thank you! Thank you for encouraging me, thank you for praying for me, thank you for asking about what I was studying, thank you for listening to my often overly long explanations of what I was working on (or reading), thank you for letting me work on projects with you, thank you for sharing your experiences, thank you for hugging me when I looked dead on my feet, thank you for rejoicing with me when I had a little milestone to celebrate. Thank you for letting me love this. THANK YOU!


Great post! It sure is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Congratulations :)

You are precious. I am so proud of you! Felicidades y abrazos y besos! Mami

Smiling inside out with you. Congratulations, Ana! Love from West Michigan.

Great Job Ana...you really are a super woman!!! Love you!

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