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 Zee got her Scholastic Books order today, which included a 2 book-packs, one a four book collection of SkippyJon Jones books and a 5 book  collection of David Shannon books.  The David Shannon pack proved very popular this afternoon. Aay read to Zee, No, David! and David gets in trouble! and I read them How I became a PirateHow I became a Pirate will I believe become a family favorite. It has great pirate arrghs and natural call and response rhythm. I am sure soon, the girls will be doing all the crew responses, and talking like pirates.

They also really liked the David books. Amusingly enough they almost received one of them about 3 years ago, when Chris's mom Marianne used to send them books she ordered from Scholastic at the daycare she works at, monthly. I think cross-border postage has sunk that tradition, so they get books now whenever they visit. The David book they almost got, had sent it a replacement book for something that was out of stock and she hated it and sent it right back to them with complaint letter.  I understand her reaction. At first glance the book can be off-putting.

The David books like Shannon's Alice the Fairy are drawn in a very rough kid-like style.  In the Author's notes, Shannon mentions that the first David book was inspired by a book he drew as kid, that his mom had recently found and sent to him. The book, No, David! chronicles David's misadventures as his mother call out No! in a variety of ways. And in David gets in trouble!, David is resisting taking responsibilities for many more misadventures till in the end he finally say sorry. They are wonderful books. I have yet to read a book illustrated or written by David Shannon that is anything but funny, charming and just plain fun to read out loud.


I went to Amazon and laughed outloud reading just the cover and some pages of No David. How absolutely fun. Maybe one of these days I will get my own copies. Tell Misses Aay and Zee, that I was laughing with them. Good choices Zee!

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