Firefly makes me happy.

What I just read...

Banana_tpb_lg As the hours till the start of my semester tick away, I took some time to read a little graphic novel Chris had picked up yesterday. It called Banana Sunday by Colleen Coover and Root Nibot.  I love her work on Marvel's X-men First Class and Power Pack's back up stories (some of which you can read on her new website, so follow the link!). So I was very happy to see it in Chris's pile.

The story in Banana Sunday follows a young high school girl called Kirby, who is the guardian of the 3 divine monkey "See no Evil", "Hear no evil","Speak no evil".  She is guarding the irrepressible trio while trying to fit in her new high school and make new friends, and do so without the whole world discovering the secret of the monkeys origins.

I really enjoyed volume 1 and Zee and Aay who started looking over my shoulder while I read it, were completely caught up in it, and Aay is now sitting next to me reading the first few chapters to herself. So it has the Canino-Fluit women's seal of approval. 

And after looking at Colleen's new spiffy website, I see she has another graphic novel in the works with the title of Gingerbread Girl, which is now officially on my want list. I don't even know what it is about, but I still want it.


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