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Loving Freecycle!

After moving into our house last fall I signed us up to the Rochester NY Freecycle yahoo group and was able to give away the big desk that the previous owners had abandoned when they left. It was very rewarding to give it aways to someone who could use it. Being on a freecycle list can be annoying in that people request expensive things (one I noticed recently was a request for LCD/Projection TV),  often without doing so in the proper formatted way, but I guess they figure no harm in asking, and sometimes a little sad in that in some of the wanted items come with some sad stories, like someone looking for a replacement lawn mower since their previous one was stolen. Clothes move surprisingly fast, as do couches, and beds. But other odd things move too, like lots of magazines and chicken coop making materials.

I use my junk email address to subscribe to the digest, which means that I go days without reading, since I don't need to get things off freecycle generally, but I love to list things there. However the other day I just happen to look at the digest and noticed that someone was listing, Little Yellow Flag Irises. She was thinning out her garden and was looking for takers. She posted this picture on the freecycle group page, 1b33

And I knew that I had to email her immediately since they look so similar to my mom's Japanese Irises.

Not identical but should do just fine in the flower plot on the north side of the house that is mostly bare.

So yea! for free pretty plants.  Maybe I will be able to give away some of the extra produce (read:BEETS) we might not use up from our farm share in the summer.


Congratulations! I'm so glad you got them. Over here it seems a bit difficult to get things that are advertised. I just don't understand. In the same newsletter from freecycle there will be a listing and then the same item taken below. Its as if they listed them somewhere else and someone had the chance to get them before they were listed to the general public. I will forward a listing to you the next time it happens.

Mami, seems to me that you are registered to a Digest version of your freecycle list too, but the items you are interested in go quickly. The people who get the items must be getting their emails individually. If you look at the time stamps there are several hours in between the offers and the emails noting that they have been claimed. The digest collects the emails and sends them out every 24 hours, so you lose out because people are seeing the message immediately and you are getting them after the hours later. It looks like the list there is very active and if you want a better shot you at the items just might have to change your subscription to the individual messages on their yahoo group page rather than the daily digests.

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