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Fall Pictures for Mami

Corbett's Glen


Tonight was GEMS night for Arwen. Rev. Tineke Cornelison offered to leadSept_156 the girls on a Nature Walk through Corbett's Glen, a really enchanting natural area just minutes from where we are living right now. I have driven past the little parking area nearly everyday since we got into this house. I no longer have to wonder. It was such a lovely place for walk. Although with 14 energetic girls it was more of Fall Trot. We walked to the Fall and watched some men fly fish, and then walked back through the woods with squishy soil covered in fallen leaves.

I wasn't planning on going on this walk originally, but Zanneke wanted to drop Arwen off, but I knew she would get such a thrill out of the walk to, I grabbed her shoes, my camera and our jackets and we made just added our selves to the troop.

The trail is as easy going as you want to make it. The older girls twice choose the high-road (walking on a narrow ridge braided with tree roots), while the Arwen and Zanneke joined me on the low-road on the way back. Even though it got dark before we made it back to the parking area we all made it back in one piece.


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