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City Saturday

I know there lots of city-based church members who would have loved for us to buy in the City. In the end we looked but didn't find the right place for us. I think buying into the city takes a bit more work and time to get to know its individual neighborhoods. The city-dwellers not only touted But I think we will prove them wrong on how often we suburbanites will come into the city.  I am adding a new posting category to my blog, "Discovering Rochester", so I can tag my posts about getting to know our new community.

This morning I drove into Rochester to meet a new friend who had invited me to join her on her Saturday morning Public Market trip. I met her house and we drove down from there. I came prepared with my Wegman's reusable grocery bag and backpack and I left loaded down with way too much food, but it was hard to resist all the varied and colorful produce at such reasonable prices. There were dozens of vendor providing everything from Fresh Pasta Ravioli, cheeses, Apples, eggs, sausage, baked items, raw honey, exotic beans to Empanadas and Flea Market goods.

My absolute favorite purchase  of the day was also my very first. A bunch of Culantro, tied together with a rubber band. I held the culantro to my nose, and breathed deeply the smell of Puerto Rico. I was able to buy at the Puerto Rican food stand, where I conducted the majority of transaction in Spanish. 

The Culantro is like Gold to me, because in all my years of living outside of Puerto Rico (13) I have never found it, not in the Michigan Bodegas or The Alberta Ethnic food stores where I got the rest of my supplies. I knew that it was theoretically available on the mainland, and undoubtedly available in New York City, and quite possible to grow in Florida where my mother lives, I just never gotten a chance to buy it. But there in my hand, the first purchase of the day was a bit home. There were also plenty of Plantains, which I am actually quite surprised not to have found at the Wegmans after if the Safeway in Brooks can carry Plantains why haven't I found them? In addition to the Plantains there was yautia, malanga, ahi dulces and  Puerto Rican Aguacate (avocado). Also later on a different stall, I got to buy a nice and reasonably fresh Quesito from a local bakery, next week I am going to jot down the address of the bakery on the off chance they carry Pan Sobao.

Soon my bags were full of fresh potatoes, local apples, green beans, eggplant, zucchini, raw honey, peppers, grape tomatoes,  little yellow tomatoes like those I had to abandon in my garden in Brooks. Like I said way too much food and I even passed on the in-season NY grapes and fresh eggs because I was already well stocked of both at the apartment.

I think I will be making the Public Market part of my weekly routine. I want to try it out Thursdays soon to see it on a less hectic day, but I liked the energy and pace of the Saturday market just fine. After we got done at the market. My host also drove my to the Pittsford Dairy, and while I took home some milk, appreciating that the Chocolate Milk was sweeted with Cane Sugar and not with Corn Syrup, I am not quite sure and ready add whole another stop just to buy milk. Nice milk though, although they didn't carry 1% which Chris prefers.

After coming home, I gathered my Chris and the kids and we went downtown to Strong National Museum of Play. The girls had a blast. They wore their new superhero costumes (Supergirl and Wonder Woman), and zoomed around the main floor. We were there over 4 hours and didn't see everything on the main floor let alone, give careful attention to the up-stairs exhibits. Next time we come, we will likely bring a sack lunch, plan on meeting place (we got separated after lunch due to dueling girly priorities and didn't run into each other till nearly an hour later).

We did got a family membership so we plan to come back on a less busy day (today, Bob the Builder opened to the general public, and man was he mobbed!). We will see how often we do come down, and bring family, and if we use the membership a lot we might upgrade to the Patron level, because for $45 buck more it gives you 2 free guest passes in a addition the the family passes, 4 passes to the Butterfly house and reciprocal membership at Children museums across the country and the world. At this point the family membership pays for itself in two and half visits and does get a discount at the museum stores and off the prices of extra guest tickets.

So City Saturday was a really pleasant way to spend our day, even if the trip to the comic book store that was tacked on at the end wasn't nearly as successful due staff inattention and store disorganization, too things that were very different the last time we stopped in there.


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