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Naming spree

Zee has been on naming spree lately. First her push car was christened Carry (car-ree), then her Tonka truck, Truckee, yesterday the piece of sidewalk chalk she was using Chalky, and tonight her brown bear, Beary (Barry).

In addition I had the pleasure of hearing her talk to the shovels on Saturday. Zee and I were chipping at some ice on walkway to the backyard. She was using a green kids shovel, promptly named Greenie, and I was using Aay's Red shovel renamed Reddy.  She also gave a name to the heavy ice chipper, calling it Zee. She eventually developed this scenario where she was the Greenie's mommy was teaching the shovel how to shovel. Greenie was actually quite shy about getting wet, and as result giggled a great deal everytime it clear the ice chips from the sidewalk.  She then commented to me that Greenie and Reddy occasionally forgot her name and called "chuchchcuck" and "tkajldajf", when I faked outrage that Greenie would forget his own mother's name, she giggled and mentioned that he was a rather silly shovel that way.

Those are the moments that make it worthwhile to be a parent. There was such a sparkle in her eye as she had this deep interactive role play with her shovel, it just makes you want to burst with happiness.

I am looking forward to hearing about her next adventures with inanimate objects and I will also giggle a little because it reminds me of scene in Angel (Ep1, Season 5) we just watched where Wesley in a bit of jealous snit comments "Don't you think it's a bit unseemly adding 'Y's to the ends of people's names?"  He is probably right, but it just downright charming when it is Zee who is doing it.


What happened to the last few lines of your post. They seem to have gone to Lilliput.

oh weird. I will fix that.

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