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Chris and I have been abusing our Library's inter-library loan program. I have requested and received nearly a dozen items, this year alone thru ILLoan, which doesn't count the dozens of book I have borrowed from the Shortgrass System's partner libraries.  Even thought we try to space our requests so our books don't all arrive at the same time, we sometime have little control over it because there is often a unpredictable wait time for book that have a lot of people requesting holds on them (new releases).

Chris and I don't share a lot of books outside of George RR Martin's series the Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter and our comic books. Chris is the faster reader and few exception (the last Harry Potter) get tends to get to and finish our shared books first. I often fall a week or three behind him in our comic book readings because I am very irregular in the way I pace my book reading. I tend to go straight to bed, which Chris regularly read every night before going to sleep.

Last week Chris already had a book out when he got the call that another of his books had come in. We stretched out our time a bit, by not going to pick the book immediately. I did end up picking it up by last Thursday. Since Chris hadn't started on it, I idly started flipping thru only to end up reading the first few chapters. Chris said it was okay, and I told him it was okay for him to steal it back if he needed to. Chris has been teasingly asking for updates on my reading progress, and just generally keeping tabs on where I have "his" book. Then on Tuesday another of his book requests came in. The one that arrived, a Jack Whyte novel about the Templars had a special 2-week only reading period, so I thought the pressure was off because, Chris would now have to read this book before taking my Brad Metlzer book away.

In the last week days I had made a bit of progress getting about 1/3 of the way into the book, but Chris was quickly gaining on me. Reading 300 out 500 of his book's pages in the first two nights. With that in the back of my mind I made sure to read at least for a half-hour before going to sleep, hoping to at least not lose too much ground to Chris. At 11:00 I was enjoying my reading too much to put it down and turn off the light. Next thing I know, the clock says 1:19 am. Oops. I have less than 40 pages to go.

I finished my book by 2:09 am. this morning. I feel good. But what I feel most is just a little smug, and I am looking forward to seeing Chris's reaction when he sees the book on his shelf this morning.

HA! sure it took me about 4 days head-start on you, but I did it!  No I can go pick up my quilting books waiting for me at the library.


Years ago, my pal Dave and I used to have "reading races". We hung out together alot, and sometimes when we each picked up a copy of the same book, we'd go back to his house, and sit down and start reading, seeing who could go through the book first.

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