"Did you know?"
Summer Reading

What I did on Monday.

Chris's refuge, his favorite reading spot in the house is our guest room. The room used to be the old pastor's office before the house was remodeled in the 80's. It is wood paneled room with orange and red 70's shag carpeting. One wall was covered in faded, torn and stained wallpaper. It has been bugging me since we moved into the house but was never a top priority.

On Monday I finally decided to attack the wallpaper. It took me most of the day from 9:30 to 3:00 with a lunch break to take down the wallpaper with a fabric-softener/water solution. It work fairly well. The wall paper glue did leave some residue on the walls that I finished off with some vinegar. It is not stunningly beautiful because the wood paneling has seen much better days, but it will do. Chris likes the coziness of the wood color.





I have also just started removing wallpaper in our bedroom. It has the most hideous 70's bamboo motif textured wallpaper. I removed one corner and was relieved to discover that the wall underneath is in good shape. It is painted a flat eggshell color, but it is something I can live with as I slowly work on the room.


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