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I feel a bit dazed right now. Actually ever since last Wed. I really haven't had a moment to sit and just think since then, and because of that I haven't had much time to post. On Wed, I took down the wallpaper in our bedroom, just because I felt like it. I was feeling pretty empowered after I took the paper off guest room, and I was just very tired of looking at its fugly bamboo textured surface every night. I made surprisingly quick work of it. I bypassed the fabric softener for the vinegar-water solution, because it much less messy and stinky. I was in the middle of my project when Chris came in with exciting news.

He had just gotten an email from his old friend Dan. He and his wife Gwyneth and their kids were driving cross country and emailed Chris from Manitoba to ask if was okay for them to stop by. I kicked it into overdrive so I could finish up my project and tidy up the house before they rolled into town. They arrived at our place on Friday afternoon. Our kids bonded outside blowing bubbles and played cars, blocks and princess inside later. We all caught up on each other's lives (Last we saw them was nearly 6 years ago). Chris impressed Dan with his comic book collection and we all had dinner on the porch that evening.

Friday was supposed to be one of our E.W.M. meals, we even had guests coming (our second attempt at Mali's Yassi Stew and Sweet Potatoes) but Dan and Gwyneth's unexpected visit, the +90 temperature and Chris' allergies flaring up again) meant we rethought our menu. Instead of the heavily spiced stew, I made Chicken on the grill, although I marinaded it in mustard, garlic and lemon juice mixture inspired by the Yassi recipe. Instead of frying Sweet Potatoes tossed Sweet Potato wedges in cumin, brown sugar and olive oil and roasted them in pan on the Grill. I also grilled 11 ears of corn and tossed a salad to complete the meal. So while Mali wasn't on the menu it was at least still a inspiration for our food. I actually enjoyed the marinade enough that I will probably repeat some other time. However the thing I am most proud of is that I didn't burn anything.

Closeup Saturday morning after more talking and play over breakfast, we bid the Zylstras goodbye and headed to Medicine Hat for our Family Day (previously rescheduled so it wouldn't conflict with our dinner plans on Friday).

Sunday was a bit of blur as Chris and I spent lot of it trying to not to let Zee fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon, and hoping to restore her regular bedtime.

Monday morning I took Aay to her first ever Vacation Bible School session. The Lutheran church in town makes a very big deal of it, and the program had over 140 kids involved with it and dozens of volunteers. Aay had really been enjoying it so far, and it has given me a chance to see how I will feel about her going off to Kindergarten this fall. I was nervous and excited as she was. On Monday she took her panda bear with her for comfort, but she didn't need today.

Zee didn't mind leaving her sister behind too much. It was obvious she missed her play partner, but I tried my best to give her plenty of my attention. She still had to do more solo playing than she has ever had to do before but it went well.

As we played on Monday I realized that she has added a new catch phrase to her vocabulary as she frequently asked me "What you think about?". She would often follow my answer by telling me what she was thinking about, and then asking me "what are you thinking about now?". On Monday she spent a lot of time thinking about her missing Buzz (Rosie have you mailed him yet?) . I cracked up a bit today when I asked her what she was thinking about while we were playing pretend. She was pretending to be Buzz and without missing a beat she answered in character, telling me that she was thinking about Zurg, and flying. Pretending to be Buzz, Jessie, and Woody is still her favorite game, although yesterday we did a bit of pretending that I was Superman and she was Wonder Woman. We later played Yoga (basically following the leader and Simon Says Zee style), where she leads me in a very energetic exercise routine, with such great exercises as flying like butterflies and catch the snake.

This afternoon I got a call from my friend Xinia, where she updated me on her cancer treatments. She had mostly recovered from her last bout of chemo, but is going in again on Thursday. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She is a precious person, brave and God-fearing, I am so glad I have had this opportunity to get to know her better, and I just want to see her get better and better.

I have made some headway into The Stolen Child and I have read about 15 comics since Friday. So yeah, that gets you caught up. At least for know.


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