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This weeks Chris got a cookbook in the mail from Christian Reformed World Missions. International Cuisine - From the Ends of the Earth when he got it out of the envelope it fell open to page 33, Pineapple Chicken Curry or Anarosh Murgi Torkari, Bangladesh. He immediately walked out of his office and asked me if I was still planning on going grocery shopping that afternoon. I was, so he handed me the cookbook and asked me to procure any of the ingredients we didn't already own. We had most of them, except for some rare spices, like whole cardamoms (ground will just have to do) and I even had fresh pineapple already in the fridge.

Yesterday afternoon I started defrosting the chicken, and set out all the ingredients when Chris walked in from a errand. He asked if I had started, and I said not exactly, to which he responded, GREAT. I asked him if he had changed his mind, and he said he hadn't, only had not meant for me to cook it, that he wanted to cook the curry. I happily gave up my spot by the cutting board and after a short chat, busied myself with the leftover lunch dishes, and reorganizing my chaotic spice shelf. He will now be able to find all the spices for the curry easily and it allowed me to do some overdue weeding out of stale spices. I hope that in the next few weeks I might make the kitchen a little bit more user-friendly so I don't put up obstacles in front of Chris, since he enjoys cooking so much, but not the hunting around for everything that he needs.

In the end, we had a lot of fun mincing red onions, pineapple and later watching the whole thing simmer. Zee wondered in and helped Chris make the rice. The curry was fantastic, hot but not overly so, sweet and saucy. We rounded out the meal by munching on slices of fresh pineapple that we unfortunately couldn't temp Aay to try. How do you explain what a pineapple tastes like? Chris told Aay that it was like an apple only sweeter and juicer...which was sort of it, but not quite.

The experience was so positive that as we browsed the rest of the cookbook many other recipes caught our eye, that we are thinking that we might turn it into a weekly ritual. to eat the food our missionaries around the world sample during their work and to think of them and their new communities as we enjoy new food. I'll try to report back on how we are doing. If you follow the link above, you can get information on how to get the cookbook for yourself.


Slight correction: Zanneke was sleeping on the counter the whole time we were cooking. Arwen was the who wandered in and got excited when she saw that Daddy was cooking. She's the one who helped me make the rice.

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