Year eating with Missionaries...
Meat-Filled Crepes - Hungary

Why Kendall needs to go on all our vacations...

My brother-in-law Kendall in addition to always being game for good board game, and being a extremely easy-going person, also takes outstanding pictures. He just uploaded his link of his Charleston Pictures.

to take a look of them, go here:

My favorites:

Rosie and the Carolina Jasmine

Getting buckled

Aay actually took this one with Kendall's gigantic camera.

Why we go on Vacation

, and After and After

Family picture attempt and why it failed

Plus lots of other great pictures of the parade, the girls and graduation.


Annie,thank you for the link. I had been going to Kendall's blog all week checking to see if he had put the pictures up. And to Kendall,thank you for taking such beautiful perceptive pictures which seemed to capture the emotions we were all feeling.

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