Year eating with Missionaries...


Nearly a month ago Brooks started doing Curbside recycling. We signed up as soon as we could, actually we tried to sign up before we could, but it worked out anyway. The City of Brooks has always had recycling depot, where, cans, plastics and paper could be dropped off 24 hours a day. Every few months of or so Chris would load up the car with Newspapers and other papers and drop it off. Maybe a few milk-jugs too, but nothing much in the way of cans because we just didn't have room for all the stuff that we could recycle if we went more frequently. Every few months I was tempted by stack-able recycling organizers but it always came down to the fact that we didn't go regularly and would soon be overrun with material. So when Waste Management in Brooks offered this service we were eager to join up, even if it meant paying a monthly fee.

Now everything from cereal boxes, to yogurt containers, cans and milk-jugs are happily carted away for us on a weekly basis. It just makes me cheerful, and it reminds me of the feeling I had back in middle school when a recycling drop off site was opened near neighborhood. It was a temporary drop off site, open on on Saturday mornings but I remember we also started looking carefully at what we threw in the trash and made the effort to recycle.

Canadians as group tend to be very conscious of the three R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In the Toronto Area they don't just have the blue box for recycling they have a green container for organic materials so those who don't compost can also keep this useful matter out of landfills. Both Chris's mom and step-mother also always collect the milk-bags for reuse as sturdy baggies.

I am so happy for Brooks. Many people won't go out of their way to bring things to recycling depot, as we hardly had the energy, but way more people will recycle more if all they have to do is bring a tub to the end of their driveway.  I know for sure that we are doing lots lots more.


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