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8th Anniverasary!

Meat-Filled Crepes - Hungary

On our second Eating with Missionaries meal Chris and I selected a dish from Hungary, Hortobagyi Husos Palacsinta. Chris took care of the chopping of pork, red peppers and tomato while I took care of the onion and Crepe preparation. It worked out swell to split the task because it radically shortened prep time. The crepes were a bit of chore since I don't have proper crepe pan and I was using my smallest skillet, a heavy cast-iron one, that meant that I really gave my wrist a workout. The filling was very tasty although terribly fatty. The meat filling involved us fry up some bacon and then cubing lean pork and saute it in the left-over bacon fat along with the onion, pepper  and tomato. After removing the meat for further mincing, the leftover liquid was used a base for sour cream sauce (tasty, but wow that seems unhealthy).

Chris and l liked the taste of the meal but concluded that it was too labor intensive and fatty to enter our regular menu.  I did get some ideas of how to keep the flavor but jettison the fat.  If I prepare this again, I will probably discard all up 1 tsp of bacon fat, and saute the pork, onions and pepper in paprika seasoned vegetable broth instead. If I make and freeze the crepes ahead of time it and then heat together in the oven as recommended it could make a very flavorful potluck or holiday dish.

This evening I used the leftover meat-filling as a topping for pan-fried cheese perogies. I thought that they were a nice pairing, since the perogies have the same neutral flavor qualities the crepes do.

next up - Mali (Chicken and Sauce, Yasa) and (Fried Sweet Potatoes - Pute Sa'aade) Guinea, when we have our friend Bonnie and Gregg over for supper next week.  Bonnie worked with the CRWRC in Mali for several years.


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