Half-hour mark and we are heading to the pitstop? That can only mean trouble ahead.
2 years later and I am still blogging.

It is cold outside! Come in for dinner.

All afternoon I have been watching snow accumulate outside. I even got to sit for half-hour with a cuddly Zee looking out at swirling snowflakes thru our big front window. And do you know what my second reaction was (the first was to curl up in bed and take at nap), the desire to cook everyone in the whole world the warmest bowl of rice and beans. But since I couldn't and nobody in their right mind was going to venture over to our house in the middle of that snowfall I settled on cooking a rice and beans for my girls and Chris instead. I am now sitting here oddly satisfied that I have struck a small blow against the powers of winter.



So it is snowing! I was always watching for some of that white stuff to fall from the sky while I was there, and boo hoo none ever fell... just like a watched pot never boils. Glad you are keeping warm. Thank goodness its March and April is just around the corner...

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