Stressful days
It is cold outside! Come in for dinner.

Half-hour mark and we are heading to the pitstop? That can only mean trouble ahead.

In tonight's Amazing Race teams left the mega-city of Sao Paolo and after completing a roadblock headed out to  Brotas, Brazil, a rural community to the south.

The teams were immediately evened up after leaving the previous episodes roadblock, but the good teams found their way right back to the lead. Most of the lagging teams showed why they are lagging by failing to think strategically as they choose which fire escape to climb. Unsurprisingly the Glamazons, and Fran and Barry were the last to leave the roadblock.

Yet it was Lake and Michelle who lost the most time, choosing to take a bus rather than a taxi to the Tourist Bus Depot and landing in the last bus. Luckily for them all the other teams on that bus were easily beatable.

In Brotas, Eric and Jeremy continue to try to coast by following others, but on they lose their lead on the drive to pit-stop when they stop to ask directions allowing the Hippies to win the first Trip prize of the race. Eric and Jeremy's constant girl(sex) focused commentary is starting to grate and I can't wait till they fall to the bottom. They aren't physically indestructible as Eric struggled with rope ascenders. They are rude and well deserving of Phil' eyebrow pop on the mat.

The Nerds continue to be cute, and it just fun to watch Lori crack up at everything Dave says. They have chosen well so far, as the chemistry/ethanol detour was absolutely the right choice for them. Ray and Yolanda looked a bit more tired this episode and I am sure they were a bit demoralized by missing out on the last ticket for the first bus, but they are still very strong contenders and continued to make good decisions together.

At the half-hour mark as BJ and Tyler were cruising in their Vintage VW Bug, I turned to Chris and said the Pit-stop? already? That can only mean some serious trouble ahead. Directions and car problems in addition to bad choices for Fran and Barry were ahead. Nearly every team struggled to find their way out  of Brotas and on the right road to the Pit-stop, but only Fran and Barry and Joni and Lori arrived at the pit-stop well after nightfall. Fran and Barry have learned never to give up because despite a car breaking down, and Fran's struggles on at the detour, they still made it there well ahead of the Glamazons who just never got it together.  Fran and Barry repeated last episodes mistakes of trying to prove something by playing the young person's game, but the Glamazon just never recovered from the second to last place finish last episode and despite the even up never really found a way to move ahead. Their car had a tricky clutch but they only had one speed.

Next up: Moscow depending on whether they get to find their own tickets or are assigned flights  this leg could really get interesting as Airport Roulette will be game. In a conversation earlier today my mami mentioned how she is worried about Team Boricua as Desiree's mom is starting to fray, and she might be right as they like they have a meltdown in a Moscow swimming pool.


I really want to like this episode. I got sorta bored at the halfway point of this episode partly because, yes, the pit stop happened already.

However, some of the teams are definitely, um, colorful characters. Whether it be the sex-crazed guys from florida or the west-coast hippies (my current faves).

My suggestion, to make up for the horrid family edition fiasco, this version (or maybe the next) should have the racers compete the entire race while hopping in potato sacks. Makes for fun TV I say.

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