Welcome Home!
Answering Questions.

Meme Swiping.

Everyone who reads this asks me 3 questions, no more no less. You may ask me anything.

My friend Nate put this up on his blog, Polytropos and it seems like it could be fun although a bit scary.

This what I ask him a new dad:

How much sleep have you had this week?

Have you played Pre-historic Settlers of Catan?

What is your pick for the movie of the summer?

So here is your chance ask me anything.


When were you the most embarrased?

What's a funny story about Rosie?

What's your favorite food?


I'll answer you question in a new post this evening...I am pondering what kind of Rosie story to share, endering, embarrasing, silly...oh the options.


My computer just died. As soon as I remember my username and password, I will try to log on from Chris's computer, and update this thing. ack.

Right back atcha:

What's your favorite board game that's come out in the past couple of years?

What's your favorite current superhero comic and why?

You and Chris are offered a free trip -- no kids -- to anywhere in the Eastern Hemisphere. Where do you go?

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