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Answering Questions part II

Okay Nate here you go:

What's your favorite board game that's come out in the past couple of years?

In the last couple years? I have no idea. Ever since we moved out GR and the Game trove that is Greg Bush’s trunk, I have completely fallen behind in our game playing. Most folks around here play some basic board games, and we have even gotten people to play Apples to Apples and Settlers with us, but we have very little exposure to anything recent. I fondled a copy of Game of Thrones board game last weekend, while were in Regina comic book hunting, but since it was made by the same people as the really bad FOTR board game we decided we should probably wait before buying it, especially since it needs a minimum of 3 players. I do like Carscassone and Puerto Rico a fair bit, although the Indigo thing in Puerto Rico always gets to me a bit. I would love some recommendation of some good 2-player games with few baby-chocking pieces. And maybe a copy of the demo games Phil and Greg were developing a while ago, I really liked them both but especially the pilgrimage game.

What's your favorite current superhero comic and why?

My top two super-hero comics today are Amazing Spider-Man, by JMS and Fantastic Four by Mark Waid. I am catching up on JMS run on Spiderman thru the trades and I really love his grown-up out of a rut Peter Parker. I have never read Spidey before, but this book has really shown me the characters everyman charm. Plus any book with frequent Dr. Strange appearances is going to catch my attention. FF, like Spidey is once again a super-hero property that I had little experience with outside the TV cartoon versions. I love the fact that I truly believe these characters are family, that they love each other and grate on each other, and that they love their children. He has taken real risks in this storyline, and I am just left beaming after reading it. Wonder Woman rates honorary mention, as I think Rucka has real interesting and new perspective on her as he deals with Super-heroine as Public Figure, cool stuff.

You and Chris are offered a free trip -- no kids -- to anywhere in the Eastern Hemisphere. Where do you go?

Man this is hard, I would love to go to so many places in the Eastern Hemisphere, but I would have to add a no terrorism clause. Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Greece Ancient Civilizations tour would be a high one for me, with a tiny side-trip to Corsica. I remember getting such a thrill touching some of the Roman Ruins in England, that walking in some of those ancient places in Egypt and Turkey would give me serious thrills.
I just immerse myself in Spain and Portugal guide books, since we nearly went there for a Canino family vacation this summer, but had to change plans due to immigration concerns for me, (We are doing Banff and Vancouver instead).
Japan would probably be my primary destination now, without Kids but with the possibility of terrorism. I used to have a Japanese Roommate back in when I was in High School and ever since I have been very interested in going there someday



I played the Game of Thrones board game, and even not having read the books, it was fun. Sort of a hybrid between a German-style game and a boardgame. It's definitely one of those four-hour games, though, if you have enough people -- not something to spring on your dinner guests, unless they're already Of the Flock. :)

I can think of lots of good 2-player games but they all have baby-choking pieces. :P

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