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Answering Questions part II

Answering Questions.

When were you the most embarrased?

What's a funny story about Rosie?

What's your favorite food?

Question from Kevin my sister's brother-in-law.

My most embarrassing moment came High School graduation. After years of avoiding seriously embarrassing moments, and just weeks after commenting about it in conversation, I had my most memorable blunder. I was in the National Honor Society, and all NHS Members were going to receive a special certificate during the Award segment of the ceremony. Sometime after the first few were handed out, my mind began to wonder, and was probably staring out to space or the audience when my seatmate elbowed me. I though she was trying to jar me out of my reverie and alerting me that my name had been called. I looked up and one of the teachers handing out the awards met my eyes, and nodded at me. I rushed up, shook her hand, and tried to grab the certificate, only to have her tell me, that it wasn't mine, they had called Wences Arvelos's name not mine. I slunk back to my seat red faced only to have to stand up two people later. I can't remember if that elicited a laugh from the audience or not, but thankfully I was eventually able to recover myself and enjoy the rest of the ceremony, including the presentation several other awards. . .

A funny story about Rosie villa_nevarez_mami_annie_y_rosita Isn't she a cutie.

Kevin, that is actually a rather hard question. I can share tons of funny stories about myself, touching stories about both of us but most of my funny stories about Rosie would either not be too funny to you (most of our stories of being little girls together tend to bring more AAAhhhwwws, rather than laughs) or a bit to embarrassing. I can tell you that what was probably the saddest moment in our childhood occurred when my father came home from the Vet without one of our dogs. He left with Snoppy and Mota and Mota did not come back home, instead on a whim he left her at the pound because he though we had too many dogs. I remember Rosie and I sobbing in the bath together after he told us. Our scariest moment was probably watching Cocoon in the theatre. It was one of our first movies we had ever seen in the movie theatre and the glowing aliens petrified both Rosie and me that I don't think we sleep well for weeks. I can tell you that when we were about 5 and 7 one of our favorite games was to have our dad play can-can music on the record player and can-can till we were too tired to stand, and that we both can probably still hum most Herb Alpert's Greatest Hits. But my funniest Rosie moment happened when we lived in El Señorial. There were some boys that lived at the end of our street. They were the rowdiest boys on the block and didn't much care for us girls playing with the other neighborhood boys, so they tried to scare us off at any opportunity. One came up to Rosie and tried to surprise her into screaming by pulling a hamster from his sleeve. It got the absolutely wrong response when Rosie, gleefully exclaimed "ohhh a Hamster, how cute." heehee


if he only had realized that Rosie used to wear baby lagartijos as earrings.

My all-time favorite food would have to be, Piñon with Green Beans. It a Puerto Rican casserole, made of alternating layers of Fried Sweet Plantains, season ground beef and french cut green beans, held together with cheese...yum.


Kay, first I better clue you in. This is not Kevin, Kendall's brother, this is Kevin friend of R & K's that you met that one time you were staying over in GR. (I forget that Kendall has a brother named Kevin)

Jinkies, such good responses. I am impressed with the amount of detail. Very fun stories, and pictures too! w00t! I'm totally going to look up recipes for Piñon. :)

Well that's what I get for assuming stuff. Hello, Kevin from R&K, good to see you again. Thanks for the questions, it was a lot of fun to try to answer them.

Here is a good one, though Rosie can probably get an even better one from my mom.

Piñon Recipe:

Held together with cheese and eggs. Funny I hadn't read this blog entry and I didn't ever see Rosita wearing those lagartijos on her ears. Rosiiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ....... she'll get to me later I suppose so we can talk about those largatijos. Stories about Rosita, well when she would get mad she would go hide by climbing up in a tree that was in front of our house... and she did this disappearing act for the longest time until one day the guard clued me in to where she was going, and even to this day we haven't really gotten down to talking about it. What else would she do... well she was always so entertaining, she knew where all the constellations were, even at a very early age, so I never bothered memorizing them and I really miss her on a very clear crisp night, since I love looking at the stars. Other times we would all have fun lying down on the grass and looking at clouds and imagining animals of all sorts, people with odd faces, and big ships with sails and armadas dashing through the sky. Then whenever we traveled Rosita was always our source of entertainment, as she called it, being easily amused. In fact she planned to write a book on how to be easily amused at the airport. She made us laugh a lot. And I miss her immensely. I miss them all. I cherish the memories,

Love you,

I don't really hate that picture but I was only scratching beneath my nose, but I swear it looks like I am picking my nose, doesn't it?

You know I never once noticed your hand. The focus of that picture is Rosita and I, so I never really paid attention to that before. I think it looks like you are wiping your lip.

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