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Coffee-break Lessons

This morning I headed out to Coffee-break, a women’s bible-study that is held at our church every Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Women from town and the surrounding countryside come. They are from all sorts of different denominations, and backgrounds. It really makes for interesting group. Coffee-break has become my lifeline here in Brooks. I get a chance to meet and interact with women, some my same age, some not, some with kids, some empty-nesters, and just share. It has helped me make friends with ladies outside our church, which is great, because I am not “pastor’s wife” to them, just another lady at Coffee-break. Aay also gets to have a great time, there are over 30 kids under 5 at the come every Thursday and so Aay always looks forward to seeing her friends too. This morning we were reading Luke 7:36 through 8:21. The focus of the study was on how we respond to Jesus’ message of forgiveness. There was a lot discussion on the call to contemplate, listen and not just hear. It really spoke to me, as I have been struggling with my feeling of disconnectedness, it confirmed for me that I had made the right decision to start writing.


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