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  • life as we know it
    My gal H., her life, kids and projects!
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    My most popular posts about my Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis surgery, and the many responses from other people with CCT.
  • A Coqui in Winterfell
    Ana's family centered blog
  • Coppelia's Blog
    Coppelia has been my friend since we first met in the 4th grade at Wesleyan Academy. She is very gifted singer and joyful person. As another of my boricuas sisters abroad, she will keep everyone up to date on the her family and work life in Rocklin, CA.
  • Fluit Notes
    My smart, passionate and creative husband speaks out about the comics he reads, enjoys and reviews. And the home of his Baseball history related musings...
  • Mi Jardin
    My Mom has a blog. The world is coming to an end. Just kidding, I even helped set it up. =)
  • Familia on the Move
    Carmen is one my oldest friends, a superwoman.